Chimaera Theatre’s inaugural production, Snooze, played at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013. We  performed from the 1st to the 8th of August at 12.30pm in The City Cafe.

Trumpets sound, lions roar, feathers flutter and sequins line the floor. Roll up, roll up to the circus of dreams. But at what point will consciousness intervene? 

Follow three souls who have found home in the travelling circus: Ringmaster rules the roost, Ariel clambers the rafters and Dolly soaks in the spotlight.

Chimaera Theatre invite you on an intimate adventure into the colourful and twisted universe of their vaudeville dream circus. Explore the spaces the mind inhabits when consciousness isn’t watching. Dreams collected from a workshop series inform the storytelling, with original music, movement, language and playful interactivity.

Ringmaster IMG_1339 IMG_1170

Four Stars from ThreeWeeks

“The Circus of Dreams is surreal, mysterious yet strangely magnetic. The Ringmaster, Dolly and Ariel invite you into the Circus as both a spectator and an employee. Interestingly the action is informed by actual dreams collected in a series of workshops, adding an element of truth, importance and intrigue to the action. Following this vein, the show takes on the form of a dream: confusing, ever ungraspable yet enthralling and all-consuming. The acting is truly brilliant with sincere, believable improvisation and playful interaction with the audience. Chimaera Theatre have combined those two essentials- an intriguing concept and a spectacular cast- into one wonderful show. The Circus of Dreams awaits your arrival.”

FringeReview’s Recommended Show

Snooze offers something different from a traditional format play. Prepare to watch, to be included and involved, to interact, to promenade and to be disturbed …
Recommended for the energy, the invention and the heartfelt oomph of the trio of performers and their supporting musicians.”



Snooze has been developed with a number of outside artistic forces.

The music and sound effects have been composed by the talented She Collective. Have a listen to their fabulous voices at

Our choreographer was the Laban trained Ryan Phur.

Two of our amazing soundscapes were created by the talented Xavier Velastin. Check out his work at

Graphic design by Madison Clare and Katherine Murray-Clark.