Dream Harvest

We are harvesting dreams. We want to collect dreams and consider the ways in which people dream. As well as contributing towards our piece, ‘Snooze’, we will be making a wide database of dreams for future projects. We are hosting a number of workshops across the UK to record dream narratives, but we also need your help.

Click on our ‘Taeke Paert’ page to anonymously tell us about a dream you remember and your dream perceptions. Maybe you have a recurring dream, one that you remember vividly from childhood, or maybe you often dream about turning up to the office naked. Please share! You’ll be helping to make theatre.

A Big Influence For Snooze

has been these magical dream soundscapes created by Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange in 1964. They were vastly ahead of their time, featuring spliced u interviews with regular people discussing their dreams over a background of electronic music. They have been arranged into six motifs: Running, Falling, Land, Sea, Colour and the Outro. It’s fascinating to hear how many of our dreams are shared, and how much accents have changed over recent years! Enjoy.



Thanks to David Butler for introducing me to these, and for his general assistance in anything and everything oneiric.